How to Get HVAC Customers

How to Get HVAC Customers Without Spending a Fortune

If you own a small heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business, it’s no wonder you’re trying to figure out how to get HVAC customers without breaking the bank. Your bigger competitors seem like they’re everywhere you look. They’ve got more trucks than you, they’ve got a billboard in the perfect spot (must cost a fortune!), they send out slick ads left and right, and they’re even on the radio and TV.

How can a Mom and Pop shop hope to compete? You know you do a great job for your HVAC customers, and they do their best to send you referrals – but word of mouth isn’t working fast enough. It sure would be great if there was an affordable way to turn on a stream of new customers who became loyal, who called you a couple of times a year for a tune-up, and who sent new customers your way on a regular basis.

Good News: You Don’t Have to Go Broke Getting New HVAC Customers

Small businesses have small marketing budgets. You’ve got to do what’s really going to work – you don’t have the luxury of throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some of it sticks.

Your bigger competitors can play with this tactic or try that one, and even if it doesn’t work for them, they can just throw more money at their marketing and wait for something to work. Their deep marketing pockets might make you feel like you’ll never carve out a niche in your market – but if you’re strategic, you can get all the clients you want… the kinds of clients you really want to serve, without straining your cash flow.

Prospective HVAC Customers Are Looking for YOU

The good news is that no matter how big or small your HVAC business is, you can use content marketing to attract and engage as many customers as you want to have. Even with all those competitors out there, there are more than enough customers to go around. Content marketing is just a fancy way of describing a way that you can help your new customers find you and then get to know, like, and trust you so that they’ll buy from you – and keep buying from you, while they send their friends and neighbors your way, too.

The even better news is that content marketing can be extremely affordable. No more paying through the nose for advertising. No more trying to compete on price (that’s a quick race to the bottom!). Just use content to put your expertise and hard-earned reputation for honesty and integrity out there, and you’ll begin to see a growing trickle of new business coming your way.

Use the Internet to Get New HVAC Customers

Is your website working as hard as it could to bring new HVAC customers your way? It wasn’t long ago that most heating and air conditioning businesses relied on a listing on a manufacturer’s site to serve as their online presence. That’s not enough anymore, but you also don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a fancy site.

All you need is a site that boosts your credibility, shows up beautifully on mobile devices, and makes Google send new customers your way. You don’t have to build it yourself – or drain your savings account to get a site you’ll be proud of, and your site can help you make a great first impression on your new customers.

Work Smart to Keep Your HVAC Customers Your HVAC Customers

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that your customers have gone with one of your competitors rather than calling you the next time they need service, repairs, or a new installation. It’s not that you did anything wrong – it’s almost always that they forgot about you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. By sending a regular, monthly newsletter to your entire customer base, you can stay on their radar all year. That way, when their system goes out, or it’s time for preventative maintenance, or even a brand new system, who do you think they’ll call?

The great news is that producing and sending a monthly newsletter is VERY affordable and completely hassle-free. In fact, it’s so affordable that it’ll fit easily into even the tiniest startup HVAC company’s budget.

How to Get HVAC Customers

The More Your Prospective HVAC Customers Know, The More They Want to Hire You

When people go looking online for HVAC companies, they’re skeptical. It’s the same when you go looking for products and services you need. You don’t know these companies from a hole in the ground, and you’re looking for evidence that they know what they’re talking about – and that they’ve got the kind of integrity and honesty you can trust.

You can help your prospects and current customers know, like, and trust you more just by publishing blog posts on your website on a regular basis. Even just once a week will help to establish you as an HVAC expert in your community. People who are looking online for an HVAC company to hire are likely to find your website because of your active blog – and then as they read, they’ll convince themselves that you are the one who can help them.

Hate writing – or too busy to even think about taking blogging on in addition to everything else you’re already doing? Not to worry. Outsourcing your HVAC blog to a team of experienced HVAC bloggers is FAR more affordable than you’d imagine – and with each post published on your site, Google will begin to consider your company worthy of a higher position on the search engine results page.

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